Six-Day Synergetic Play Therapy Intensives

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SPT Certification Retreat

Happening several times throughout each year, the six-day intensive is for Masters-level therapists, teachers and clinicians who want to jump in and really experience the magic of Synergetic Play Therapy.

"Seldom have play therapists concentrated on lower brain symptomatology of hyperarousal, affective regulation or physical modulation of impulses. These are all symptoms characteristically suggestive of low brain disorganization (brainstem and diencephalon regions) and all common autonomic symptoms of severe trauma exposure,” -Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, author of Psychological Trauma.

We designed the course to introduce play therapists to pertinent information on brain development, the projective process, affect attunement attachment and nervous system regulation that impacts the children in the play therapy room. Specific attention will be given to interventions that are designed to repattern the disorganization in the lower brain centers, areas that are often unaddressed in many current play therapy models.

When therapists become centered, they can facilitate collaborative communication, thus creating a synergy between themselves and the child. “Such communication allows for the creation of brain connections that are vital for the development of a child’s capacity for self regulation,” says Mindsight Institute Executive Director, Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D.

Join one of our regularly-held, six-day intensive for Masters-level therapists, teachers and clinicians. Jump in and really experience the magic of Synergetic Play Therapy! For availability and registration details, please contact the Institute at 720-458-9597, or email

The Training & Training Methods:

"Wow! I learned so much. I was held in such a safe place to discover my authentic self in the playroom which I’m so grateful for. The support and encouragement has helped me reconnect to my body, sensations and intuition. Thank you!"  -Stephanie Trudeaux

PTIC’s Lead Teacher, Kathryn Clarke, LPC, RPT-S, leads this course, along with other Senior SPT Teachers and Supervisors. We limit this Play Therapy Training Program to four people in order to permit extensive skill practice with individualized coaching and feedback. Each participant will be paired with a child client, with whom they will work every day during the training, under direct supervision as part of a therapeutic observation team.

Training Schedule: 9-6 p.m. each day at the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado in Boulder, Colo.

Cost: $1750, with a $500 deposit

Credits: Total 49 CE credits (includes supervision, direct contact and education)

2018 Dates:

  1.  Jan: 26-28 and Feb. 2-4
  2.  March:  9-11th and the 16th-18th
  3.  June: 9th-15th (one day break in the middle)
  4.  July:  6-8th & 10-12th. (one day break in the middle)
  5.  August: 4th-10th (one day break in the middle)
  6.  September/October:  28-30, Oct.5-7
  7.  November: 2-4 & 9-11th

For availability and registration details, please contact the Institute at 720-458-9597, or email

  • Be able to facilitate the broadening of a child’s emotional window of tolerance and self-regulation by utilizing mindfulness and self-awareness in the playroom.
  • Understand how the therapist’s authenticity and attunement supports the attachment process in play therapy
  • Understand ways that a play therapist can model to the child ways to regulate himself in a play therapy session.
  • Understand the neuroscience behind identifying a child’s state of dys-regulation and how the child uses play therapy to re-pattern his nervous system.

Participants Will be Required To:

  • Complete all required paperwork- intake, treatment plan, case notes, termination, etc.
  • Attend all six days of the training–49 hours total approved by APT (supervision, direct contact and CE credits included)
  • Complete eight videotaped play therapy experiences with client
  • Review all eight videotaped play therapy experiences with instructor
  • Observe a minimum of 12 play therapy experiences with other intensive participants
  • Attend all didactic and play therapy instruction sessions
  • Attend and participate in daily group supervision
  • Communicate with the child client’s parents/guardians daily

The six-day training costs $1750 with a $500 deposit required to reserve a space. Registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact the Institute if you are interested. Fees include the 48 hours of training. You must take care of your own meals and accommodations. With written cancellations received four weeks prior to the training, you will receive a full refund of the balance of fees. If you cancel after that date, you will forfeit your full deposit.