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Online Parenting Course: Managing Your Child’s Moods and Behaviors

Did you know when your child acts out her most problematic moods and behaviors, that’s actually her incredibly wise way of communicating with you? In this course, Lisa Dion, licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist, will teach you how to use the insights of modern neuroscience to better understand and shape your children’s moods and behaviors. This course normally costs $99 and includes video lectures, experiential exercises and easy to implement parenting techniques. But we’re offering the course for just $59.

Topics include:

  1. Why understanding your child’s nervous system will help you be a better parent.
  2. Powerful techniques to understand tantrums and misbehavior.
  3. The ability to clearly understand what your child is trying to communicate when they are misbehaving.
  4. Techniques for helping your child manage their own nervous system and reduce problematic behaviors.
  5. Easy to implement strategies to make you a more effective and attuned parent.
  6. Powerful experiential exercises to help you deal with the challenges of parenting.
  7. And much more!

In these online parenting classes, Lisa makes the growing field of neuroscience accessible and relevant to parents of all backgrounds. This course caters to both experienced and new parents, and will help parents manage toddler tantrums, teenagers getting in trouble, or just the everyday stresses of parenting. Parents will leave with this course with a powerful new perspective on parenting. Find out more details about the course by Clicking here.

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“When I originally found The Play Therapy Institute for my eight-year-old daughter, I expected and hoped it would help with her behavioral problems both at school and at home. What I did not expect was to find a resource for our entire family that not only addressed my child’s behavior, but helped identify and work with the root of what was causing it. Since then, both my husband and I as well as our teenage son have spent time at the Play Therapy Institute. It has been life changing for our family and we feel blessed to have found such a wonderful resource for both ourselves and our children”

-Sara Z