Our Philosophy

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We believe that all children deserve a chance to have a play therapy experience. Why? Growing up isn’t easy, and for that matter, neither is parenting!

We recognize that everyone needs support in the process, even the parents and children that are doing great. At the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado – Home of Synergetic Play Therapy, it is our mission to raise the standard of mental health services for children. We do this by offering affordable play therapy in the Boulder area and by training play therapists to be effective, authentic and informed professionals.

We also know how important it is to attend to the whole family. For this reason, we intentionally spend regular time with our client’s parents and other important adult figures, keeping them updated on how things are going, clear about goals moving forward and checking in about what they are noticing at home and school. We believe in working together as a team for the care of the child and to offer support to the parents and caregivers. The bottom line is that we love and understand kids.

We understand why children are doing what they are doing, and we are good at helping them make sense of the things that are happening in their lives and in their own minds and bodies. We believe the play therapy process will ultimately help children grow into adults who love themselves, have fulfilling relationships and have confidence in their ability to be successful.