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Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S
Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-SFounder, President, Lead Instructor
Lisa Dion is a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, Certified Gestalt Therapist, Level II EMDR Practitioner, Parent Educator and Certified Demartini Method™ Facilitator. She is an international teacher, recipient of the Association of Play Therapy’s 2015 Professional Education and Training Award, creator of “Synergetic Play Therapy,” clinical supervisor for various play therapy internship sites across Colorado, and is the founder and director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado. Lisa also trains and supervises therapists across the world in therapeutic skill development and business creation. She spends much of her time teaching, training, and educating her clients and the professionals she works with on how to achieve their dreams, recognize the magnificence of who they are and truly live inspired lives. To view Lisa’s independent professional website, visit: lisa-dion.com.
Janelle Langeteig, MA
Janelle Langeteig, MADirector of Operations, Certified Synergetic Play Therapist
Janelle (Karls) Langeteig is Director of Operations at the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado.  Janelle has been working in the child development field in one role or another for over 12 years.  In 2014, she received her Masters in Transpersonal Counseling with a focus in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University.  She holds a certificate in Synergetic Play Therapy and a BA in Psychology from the University of St. Thomas.  In addition to managing the day to day operations at the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, Janelle is a Registered Psychotherapist and works with private child and young adult clients through Janelle Karls, LLC.  When not sharing her passion for healthy child development, Janelle enjoys backpacking and skiing in the Colorado backcountry with her dog and husband (not necessarily in that order).
Khristine Turner Rolfe, LPC, RPT
Khristine Turner Rolfe, LPC, RPTIntroduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Lead Supervisor, Intensive Supervisor
Khris Rolfe has 25 years of therapeutic and educational work in a variety of settings with children and families from diverse backgrounds and life situations. She is a certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor. She holds a M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and an M.S. in human development and family studies. She is guided by the belief that we all have an inherent capacity for health and healing, and the therapeutic relationship is a shared journey towards accessing our inner courage, strength, and knowing. Khris is also a firm believer in the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that come with spending time in the natural world and works towards incorporating nature-based principles into her work with children, parents, and adults. Khris is also committed to supporting the learning potential of other professionals who are passionate about working with children and their families. She seeks to provide a learning environment that is interactive, compassionate and facilitates one’s intuitive wisdom and growth.
Jennifer Keeler
Jennifer KeelerMarketing Director
Jennifer Keeler has a BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado. She’s worked professionally as a writer and illustrator since 2003. She enjoys composing materials with personality and occasional humor. In the past, she’s specialized in the areas of pets, health, psychology, parenting, food, and children’s poetry. She enjoys jobs that involve creativity and passion. Outside of the office, she tries to keep up with her very energetic six-year-old and menagerie of pets. Her heart belongs to the Denver Broncos and coffee.
Judith Norman, LPC, LSC, RPT-S
Judith Norman, LPC, LSC, RPT-SSynergetic Play Therapist Intensives Supervisor
Judith Norman has advanced training in Sand Tray Therapy and is also a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist TM and Supervisor, a Certified EDMR Therapist with extensive training in early childhood trauma, a Parent Educator, a Mindfulness Instructor and she is trained in Rhythmic Movement Training. Judith is the Founder of Braindrops Play Therapy & Wellness LLC, and Co-founder of Playful eMotion Family Resource Center in Fort Collins, CO. Judith has developed and teaches concepts to support self-regulation in home and school environments. In her therapeutic work, she focuses on integrating primitive reflexes and has co-developed a model integrating the tenets of SPT and Primitive Reflex Integration. She has a wide perspective on intercultural communication, bi-cultural and multi-cultural development of children, struggles with identity, belonging and relationships.
Katherine Eastlake, LPC, RPT
Katherine Eastlake, LPC, RPTCertified Synergetic Play Therapist, Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Katherine Eastlake has a private practice in Corvallis, Oregon where she offers counseling for children and families; parent coaching; supervision for play therapists; and classes for the community. All aspects of Katherine’s professional services are highly influenced by Synergetic Play Therapy, most notably helping children and families thrive in authenticity. Visit her website at www.katherineeastlake.com.
Adria Rigg, LPC, LMFT
Adria Rigg, LPC, LMFTCertified Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor, Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant , and AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Adria Rigg provides consultations for the Intro to SPT course. She is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Adria has experience in both agency and private practice settings. She specializes in trauma and relationship issues, utilizing SPT in her work with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families. She enjoys helping therapists integrate SPT into their clinical practice and personal growth.
Lindsay Ishman, LCSW, RPT-S, LAC
Lindsay Ishman, LCSW, RPT-S, LACIntroduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Lindsay Ishman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) through the International Association for Play Therapy, and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC). She is also a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor, and trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) Therapist. Lindsay has over eight years experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults as a mental health practitioner. She has a background in play therapy, family systems, attachment, child development, and the neurobiology of healing trauma. She combines mind-body principles to offer a more integrated approach to healing. Her passion is in working with children who are experiencing an ongoing challenge (e.g., foster care/social service involvement, adoption, etc.), guiding them in finding their inner strength and resilience. Additionally, as a clinical supervisor, Lindsay is inspired to help other professionals grow while enhancing a belief in themselves and their abilities.
Kelly Miller, LCSW, RPT/S, RYT-200
Kelly Miller, LCSW, RPT/S, RYT-200Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Kelly Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT/S), and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). She is co-founder of Play Therapy i.n.c. (Integrate, Nurture, Connect) located in Littleton Colorado. Kelly is also a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist/Supervisor, a Level II EMDR practitioner, a Pyramid Plus Approach certified Coach and Trainer, and Parent Educator. Kelly has 12 years of experience working with pediatric mental health and families impacted by trauma. She is deeply passionate about working with children and families. Her career is dedicated to helping them resolve challenges and promote change and healing from the inside out. Kelly is an experienced teacher and trainer helping other professionals develop their greatest potential both in and out of the playroom. When Kelly is not working, she is teaching or practicing yoga, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling the world.
Kim Buller, LCSW, RPT-S
Kim Buller, LCSW, RPT-SIntroduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Kim Buller is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor and a Supervisor with the Oregon Board of Clinical Social Workers. She is the co-founder of Grow Strong Play Therapy and Wellness Center in Salem, OR and is an Independent Contractor with Valley Mental Health. Kim has a thriving play therapy practice focused on serving children from birth to age 12 and their families. Kim has been practicing Play Therapy since 2004. She is certified in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Circle of Security Parenting, and is a Yoga Calm Instructor. Kim has studied with Bonnie Badenoch, participating in her Reweaving the Fibers of Attachment and Exploring Our Inner Communities workshop/retreats (an amazing foundation to her training in SPT). Studying and practicing SPT has given new life to her work and Kim is inspired to support others in cultivating their growth and transformation on the beautiful professional and personal journey of SPT.
Aspen Gowers, M.Ed., R.Psych., C/RPT-S
Aspen Gowers, M.Ed., R.Psych., C/RPT-SIntroduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Aspen Gowers is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada. She completed her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2007 and is a Registered/Certified Play Therapist – Supervisor with the Association for Play Therapy (APT), the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (CAPT), and Play Therapy Canada (PTC). She has completed extensive training in Sandplay Therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), Theraplay, Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, and is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor. She specializes in Play Therapy with preschool and school-aged children, Family Therapy, and Individual Therapy with adolescents and adults. In addition to her clinical work, she provides supervision to many mental health professionals. She really enjoys working with students and has found various ways to incorporate experiential activities into the supervision process, including the use of play, art, and sand.
Corinne Elms, LPC, RPT-S
Corinne Elms, LPC, RPT-SIntroduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Consultant
Corinne Elms is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, a Board Approved Supervisor with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, and a Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor. Corinne holds a Post Graduate Certificate from Portland State Universty in Therapy with Adoptive and Foster Families. She is the co-founder of Grow Strong Play Therapy and Wellness Center in Salem, OR where she provides Synergetic Play Therapy to children ages 3-12. She also utilizes SPT in her work with teenagers. Corinne is a Clinical Supervisor at Lutheran Community Services Northwest in McMinnville, OR where she supervises clinicians and interns. Corinne has been working with children and families for over 20 years starting her career as Home Visitor with Healthy Families. She went on to earn a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in Play Therapy from George Fox University and has been a Play Therapist for the past 13 years. Corinne’s passion is supervision. She loves helping other clinicians free themselves from their “shoulds” and discover their authentic self in and out of the therapy room.