FAQ's for Parents

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Play is the primary language of children. During play therapy, children create play that resembles the difficult or traumatic experiences they are struggling with internally. When facilitated by a trained play therapist, the play becomes focused on the purposes of emotional healing. This leads to a reduction of symptoms (i.e. acting out and aggressive behaviors, somatic complaints, withdrawal or regression, etc.) and the reestablishment of balance in the child’s sense of well-being. To schedule a play therapy session for your child, please contact us at 720-458-9597.  You will be asked to do a short 10 minute phone intake in order for us to help you get connected with the best therapist to best support your needs.

Synergetic Play Therapists literally get to the root of the struggle, helping transform the child (and the family) from the inside out. As human beings we are given a marvelous coping mechanism in our biology called the nervous system. In simple terms, the nervous system acts like a “honing mechanism” constantly trying to keep us in an optimal state of regulation. When we perceive any form of challenge in our lives, our nervous system gets activated to either rev us up or slow us down- whatever we perceive is necessary to take on the challenge. Every symptom that a child struggles with is rooted in an inability for the nervous system to get them back to a state of regulation. When we have an experience that we have labeled as “challenging” in our perceptions, we will attempt to move away from the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts related to that experience. Neuro-biology now shows us that in order for integration to occur, we must move towards the physical sensations, emotions and/or thoughts rather than away from them.   Whether a child is struggling with anxiety, depression, loss, impulsivity, sibling rivalry, school issues, friend issues, sensory overwhelm, emotional sensitivity, etc, Synergetic Play Therapy can help.

Synergetic Play Therapists understand the neuro-science behind the transformation process and are able to work with a child (and the family) in such a way that targets:  1) Supporting the child in moving toward the uncomfortable sensations, emotions and thoughts that they might be experiencing. The result is that the child learns how to manage their internal experiences faster. 2) Helping the child feel empowered, while learning new and more effective ways of expressing emotions that he/she can take with them their whole life. 3) Teaching the child how to stay connected to themselves so that their authentic self emerges and their belief in self increases.  As a result, the child learns how to handle their challenges, communicate effectively and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

At the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, we are dedicated to making sure that your child receives the best care possible.  We hire a select group of highly trained therapists who are in the process of finishing their Master’s Degrees in counseling.  We also hire therapists who have earned their Master’s Degree and are Licensed and have begun to work toward being a Certified Play Therapist. In addition, all our therapists are trained in Synergetic Play Therapy.  Our selection process for therapists is highly rigorous.

When you call the Institute, please leave a message with times that would work for you to discuss your child and the possibility of play therapy.  You will then receive a call from the intake coordinator, who will be happy to help you make the best decision for you and your family.  The coordinator can answer any questions you have about the nature of how Synergetic Play Therapy works and how it would benefit your child based on your concerns. Once you’ve decided to move forward, the coordinator will match you and your child with one of our therapists, based on the nature of your concerns as well as your scheduling parameters.

All children (and adults!) could benefit from some extra emotional support at various times in their journey. There isn’t an issue that would not be appropriate for play therapy. If additional supports are needed, your therapist will let you know and work with you to find a great resource.  

This all depends on what your kiddo needs.  There is a good case to be made that coming in weekly for a period of time is helpful so that the child can get to know what play therapy is like and the relationship becomes strong enough for healing to happen.  Once this initial period has happened, some parents opt to reduce session to twice per month or less.

Our regular fees are $100-$70 per therapeutic hour. If this does not work for your budget, we do have scholarship money available to help with reduced fees.  Please call the Institute to discuss a fee structure that would work for your unique needs.  We do not accept payment via insurance or Medicaid at this time.

Our play therapy rooms are warm and inviting with a wide assortment of toys, games, and sensory objects useful for exploring.

There is no child too shy or too rambunctious for play therapy.  In fact, Synergetic Play Therapy is uniquely created to meet kiddos exactly where they are as they move toward healing, integration, and greater inner peace.

We do not offer diagnostic evaluations or prescribe medications but we would be happy to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction towards trusted referrals.

“Therapy helped me have more of a voice and to stand up for myself.”

10 year old

“PTIC gives parents a better understanding of where their child is in their psychological development. We are often in tune with the physical milestones, but not necessarily the emotional or psychological. PTIC helps by providing perspective when it comes to a child’s emotional and psychological needs.”


“Our experience at the Play Therapy Institute has offered hope, healing, and change for our family. Our son is learning to connect with himself and with others in ways that seemed so difficult before play therapy. As parents, we have a greater understanding our of children’s needs and how we can help meet them. We are so grateful for our experience with our therapist at the Institute.”


“Counseling is a very important part of communities, and for it ot be affordable to anyone will be beneficial and help build a more healthy society, We believe it is important for children and families to have accesses to the resources necessary that will help them deal with real life issues in a healthy way. Having brought our child to play therapy has given us the opportunity to understand out children’s needs better, as well as help our child understand herself and how to deal with her emotions better.”