A Synergetic Approach to Using Art in Play Therapy

Art in Play Therapy-- APT Approved course. 6 credits
January 14, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Play Therapy Institute of Colorado
2845 Wilderness Place (Multi-purpose Room A)
$160 for professionals; $120 for students
Play Therapy Institute of Colorado
A Synergetic Approach to Using Art in  Play Therapy @ Play Therapy Institute of Colorado

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This LIVE workshop unravels the mystery of art in the play therapy room. During this workshop you will have a one of kind experience as you explore a new and fresh way of using art non-directively (Synergetic Play Therapy) and directively (Gestalt) in your play therapy sessions. Through didactic and experiential teachings, you will learn how to bring principals from neurobiology, mindfulness, nervous system regulation, and brain development into the art making process to help support the re-patterning your child client’s nervous systems. You will also learn what it means to attach to one’s self as the cornerstone for all healing, the importance of congruent emotional expression in the playroom, how to identify types of dysregulation in the child’s artwork and how to model regulation while the child is engaged in these activities.  Learning how to identify the child’s emotional age will also be explored, along with learning to recognize possible indicators of abuse.


•Understand the importance of attunement and emotional congruency while facilitating a child’s art process in play therapy.

•Determine how to use neuroscience to deepen a child’s healing while engaged in an art process in a play therapy session.

•Understand the Synergetic Play Therapy‘s concept of “The Set Up/The Offering” and how to use this information to understand what the child is trying to communicate in their artwork and while engaged in the creative arts process

•Understand the states of dysregulation and how they show up in a child’s creative arts process and how they are connected.

•Understand the difference between facilitating the use of art in play therapy through directive (Gestalt) and non-directive (Synergetic Play Therapy) processes.

•Understand the progression of art development in children and how this information might be used to assess the emotional age of the child in the play therapy process.

•Understand the connection between how a child plays with art and their nervous system.

APT Approved Provider 09-264.

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